Passionate About Combating Fraud


XI century brings about new challenges to anti-fraud agenda. Corruption and fraud not only survive but also institutionalize and metamorphose into structures that penetrate government, business, civic organizations and emerges as a global challenge. Technological tools, however, bring new possibilities to prevent or at least to reduce fraud and corruption.

Our aim is to elaborate innovative solutions to fraud and corruption related issues in public and private organizations around the world. Our values are integrity, solidarity, and creativity. We provide sound, objective and professional analysis and high standards of research. We are open, honest and accountable in our relationships with our partners and counterparts.

Our mission is to research, identify, develop and promote innovative approaches for reducing and preventing fraud and its impact on sustainable and inclusive development.

The opposite of knowledge is not ignorance, but deceit and fraud.
Jean baudrillard
Sociologist, Philosopher

Our Approach

We do not believe in a concept of ‘evil human’. We believe in systems that provide opportunities and promote fraud. Thus, our vision is an organization (business, government, civil society) that cannot be manipulated.

What We Do

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